On Sunday 22nd April 2018, ESKA members attended the TSKUK Course and Black Belt Grading at the Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre. Following a compulsory two hour training course the grading took place in front of a  panel including Sensei Alan Parrish 6th Dan, Sensei Nathan Bond 5th Dan, Sensei Carol Parrish 4th Dan and Sensei Dan Jones 4th Dan. Years of dedicated training and commitment resulted in a very successful grading with 19  students achieving their 1st Dan Black Belt and 4 students achieving their 2nd Dan Black Belt.

Congratulations to the following new 1st Dans:

Sydney Alexander-Bew, Harley Catchpole, Melissa Clay, Philip Clay, Maximus Ellis, Elysia Gray, Sydney Hobbs, James Hoye, James Kirkham, Michaela McDonnell, Joanne Minnis, Varun Naik, Ellis Rundle, George Ryan, Thomas Ryan, Navya Santosh, Elliott Thompson, Jake Winnemuller and Kieran Rogers.

Congratulations to the following new 2nd Dans:

Evert Amador Arellanes, Neil Ellson, Arwen Stewart and Alicia Taylor.