ESKA are proud to host Sensei Scott Middleton 6th Dan on Monday 4th December at The Dojo Norwich. Sensei Middleton is returning to ESKA after previous very courses. Sensei Middleton is the WTKO International Director and is based in Brandon, Canada.  He will be teaching classes suitable for all ages and grades so this is a great opportunity for our members to train with such a world renowned instructor.

Junior All Grades : 6-7pm

Brown and Black Belts (All Grades) 7-8pm

Adult (All Grades) 8-9pm

Sensei Middleton has been training in Shotokan Karate for 30 years, and has been teaching at his dojo, Traditional Karate of Brandon, since 1992.   Sensei Middleton is the WTKO International Director and member of the WTKO Executive Committee.  He is an Certified Instructor Graduate of the WTKO Kenshusei Program and holds the qualifications of Class A Instructor, Class A Examiner, and Class A Judge.  Sensei Middleton is quickly becoming a highly sought after Shotokan instructor in North America and Europe, being invited to teach at various seminars and camps around the world.