This Weeks Class Schedule

Please note for added security we will now be changing our password on a weekly basis and the password for week commencing 4th May 2020 has been sent via Mailchimp to each member. If you have not received this you can contact us by email or via Facebook messenger for the password.

Monday 4th May at 4pm – Dan Grade Kihon with Sensei Jason
Tuesday 5th May at 4pm – Tiny Tiger Breakfalls & Partner Work with Sensei Dan
Wednesday 6th May at 4pm – Lower Grade Kihon with Sensei Dave
Thursday 7th May at 4pm – Intermediate Grade Kumite with Sensei Nathan
Friday 8th May at 4pm – Higher Grade Kihon with Sensei Dave
Saturday 9th May at 10am – Dan Grade Kata with Sensei Dan
Sunday 10th May at 10am – Tiny Tiger Kihon & Partner Work with Sensei Jason

Lower Grades: White, Red and Orange Belts.
Intermediate Grades: Yellow, Green, Purple and Purple & White Belts.
Higher Grades: All Brown Belts.
Dan Grade: All Black Belts.

It has been truly fantastic to see so many members joining in ESKA’s virtual lessons via Zoom. If you miss one for any reason, or you would like to revisit a session, they are also on the ESKA YouTube channel, which can be found HERE.

To download Zoom visit

You don’t need to create a profile, just enter our Meeting ID, which is 890 147 5767 and password. This should be the same for every class. Please log on around 10 minutes before the class starts, to make sure you are set up and ready to go. The content for each class is aimed at the groups above, but everyone is welcome, so feel free to join in with all the classes!