Starting anything new can be a challenge so we teach beginners separately to the main group. This means you will be at the same level as the other people in the class.

Just give us a call in advance if they want their own information pack or bring them along with you to a class. Our administrators will do the rest.

Lots of people think karate is all about hurting, being hurt and being thrown around. Karate is a physical sport but we train on a controlled, light-contact basis and as a beginner, your training will not involve any throwing.

We do not have terms – classes run for fifty one weeks of the year. As there is no waiting list, you can start as soon as you like. Refer to ‘How to Join’ for further information.

This is not a problem. Call us, let us know your karate background and we will advise you of the most suitable class.

Each venue has a dedicated ESKA notice board with current and future events. In addition, this website is updated regularly and has a detailed calendar of events. Reminders of forthcoming events are also given by the instructors at the end of training sessions. Copies of monthly newsletters and promotional fliers will be available from your administrators. In addition we will also send you information by email on a regular basis.

Gradings are held every three months in March, June, September and December.

Each grade has an appropriate syllabus, details of which appear on the back of your training record card. Once you have met the training and syllabus requirements, your instructor, who will be aware of your progress, will advise if you are ready to grade.

Whilst it is not compulsory for students to go through the grading system, we have found it is a great way for both adults and children to have their progress recognised.

We can supply an up-dated replacement card on payment of a £5.00 administration charge.  Please contact the ESKA Office to order your replacement card or see your club administrator.

You can use the enquiry form to e-mail your questions. Alternatively, telephone our office on 01603 418751/ 07860 554235 or speak to an administrator or instructor at training sessions.