Ryoku Fitness

(16 Years+)

What is Ryoku Fitness?

Ryoku Fitness provides the additional benefits of strength and conditioning to your current Karate training by developing key muscle groups used within the martial art (legs, core, and shoulders). These muscle groups are also important for supporting posture and movement in everyday life so Ryoku Fitness is also beneficial for those who do not practise Karate.

By taking key elements from martial arts, such as punching and kicking, and combining these with a friendly, welcoming and encouraging environment, Ryoku Fitness develops strength, power and endurance without the formality of traditional Karate training. This is both beneficial for martial artists and those looking to supplement other training regimes or as part of a healthy lifestyle.

What can you expect from Ryoku Fitness?

‘Ryoku’ is Japanese for power and strength. Ryoku Fitness develops your strength, power, and fitness in a class that caters for all levels.

The circuit class runs in 12-week cycles, focusing on a core 4 exercises with 3 additional exercises that rotate each week around a different theme. After the 12 weeks, the exercises will entirely change. This avoids excessive repetition and keeps every class fresh and engaging.

Theme One is strength week; exercises here will build muscular strength and power.

Theme Two is combat week; exercises here will teach and develop punching, kicking and striking through engaging partner work, without contact sparring.

Theme Three is endurance week; exercises here build muscular endurance to enhance physical fitness.

Tracking Your Progress

It is important to set goals and monitor your progress to ensure you are achieving them. Ryoku Fitness will track your progress throughout the 12 weeks with the aim of self-development central to each class.

Across the four ‘core’ exercises, the weight you lift and repetitions will be counted. These will be multiplied together to generate your ‘total weight moved’ score. We add these scores across the four lifts together to produce a single score which is used to track your progress.

See the table opposite for our current progress board.


Mark (current 1st kyu, aged 52): “The class has a really good energy, with a good mix of strength and endurance exercises. Definitely worked me to my limits, and can feel the benefits after just a few sessions.”

Vicki (never trained Karate before, aged 25): “Ryoku Fitness pushed me in so many ways, more than I thought I was capable. I loved it so much, I cannot wait to go to another class.”

Oliver (former 4th kyu, aged 22): “The class has a huge carryover to my gym-based training. It has re-energised me to push myself in the gym and allows me to work harder for longer.”

Dave (current 1st kyu, aged 45): “Wow three sessions in and I’m already seeing the benefits. Ethan ensures the sessions are upbeat and fun whilst giving continual advice and encouragement. 10/10.”