ESKA are proud to host Sensei Jon Keeling 6th Dan on Monday 12th June at The Dojo Norwich. Sensei Keeling is visiting ESKA for the first time and based in California, USA. He will be teaching classes suitable for all ages and grades so this is a great opportunity for our members to train with such a world renowned instructor.

Junior All Grades : 6-7pm

Brown and Black Belts (All Grades) 7-8pm

Adult (All Grades) 8-9pm

Sensei Keeling has been doing karate since 1982. As a young man he went to Japan to pursue his passion and spent a total of 8 years in Tokyo honing his skills.  In the 1980’s he lived at the Hoitsugan Dojo, the private dojo of the late Japan Karate Association (JKA) chief instructor Masatoshi Nakayama, for 3 years prior to and following Nakayama Shihan’s passing. During that time he trained daily at the Hoitsugan and at the JKA Sou-Honbu (Headquarters) Dojo, learning from many of the world’s most highly regarded karate instructors. He spent an additional five years in Japan in the 1990’s. Keeling Sensei holds the rank of rokudan (6th degree) from the WTKO.