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For new students, there will be one free session and then one month’s payment must be made by cash/cheque whilst your direct debit is being processed. All months referred to are calendar.

Should you wish to change from training once a week to unlimited training, then this can be done by contacting the ESKA office on: 01603 418751 or by email: office@ESKA.co.uk.

Should your direct debit be refused by your bank for any reason, then any costs incurred by ESKA will be payable by the student. The payment process must then be completed again.

All cheques should be made payable to ESKA.

Returned cheques will incur an admin charge of £10 per cheque.

If you are unable to complete the direct debit payment process, there is an option to make annual or bi-annual payments in cash/cheque.

Should you lose your training record card, there will be a £5 administrative charge to replace it with an up-dated copy.

All ESKA members are welcome to train at any ESKA class suitable for their age and grade.

If you have a lapse in your training (holidays, illness etc), then classes may be made up at any ESKA class suitable for your age and grade, within a 12 month rolling period.

Charges for training, gradings, licences, etc are non-transferable and non-refundable. Should you stop training it is your responsibility to contact ESKA in writing giving no less than 1 months notice to cancel your Direct Debit payment. Verbal cancellation will not be accepted.

ESKA suits must be worn at all gradings, bearing the ESKA Badge.

Being a member of ESKA automatically provides you with membership of the TSKUK (Traditional Shotokan Karate UK) and the WTKO (World Traditional Karate Organisation).

Please do not arrive at your class venue more than 15 minutes before a training session, unless you are taking advantage of the other chargeable facilities available at the venue.

Members who arrive late may not be accepted into the class. All fees, conditions etc are subject to change without notice.

The one off payment to unlimited training commences from date of payment and will last for 1 calender month.