Children’s Karate Classes

Tiny Tigers

Karate Classes for Children

A fun exercise class for children with the basis and structure of karate. It incorporates karate techniques with games to promote physical and mental skills in a safe secure environment. Tiny Tigers teaches it’s students the central concept that karate should only be used in self-defence and the core aspects of Shotokan karate – control, respect and discipline – are paramount.


With classes across Norfolk we’re confident we will have a class local to you. Complete the form below and we will contact you with details.

1. Physical benefits – improves flexibility, strength, agility, co-ordination and balance
2. Mental benefits – boosts confidence, discipline, control and respect
3. A great way to channel energy, have fun and meet new friends
4. Offers a structured assessment and awards programme – Tiny Tigers wear trousers and coloured t-shirt according to their level
5. A good, safe grounding for further tuition in Shotokan karate

Our son has been attending ESKA Tiny Tigers for 2 years and is currently transitioning to the Junior classes. He LOVES it! Out of all of his hobbies, karate is his favourite. He looks forward to his weekly class and the gradings, where he can progress to the next colour t-shirt. All of the staff are very friendly and the instructors strike a perfect balance between structure and fun. It’s increased his self-confidence and given him a real sense of achievement. Thank you!

Colleen Hubbard