TSKUK Black Belt Grading – Sunday 5th April 2020  

At The Dojo Norwich 

Due to the current Coronavirus crisis and the Government advice, we have chosen to move the TSKUK Black Belt Grading from Clements Hall Leisure Centre to the Dojo Norwich on Sunday 5th April 2020. 

We will take the following steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members. 

  • There will be no training course before the grading to minimise contact time spent with students. We will provide a warmup. 
  • We will only allow 10 students to test at any one time and we will contact you to confirm your grading time. 
  • We will not allow spectators to attend the grading. 
  • All graders will need to be dressed in their Karate-Gi as there will be no suitable changing facilities available, there will be toilets available. 
  • All graders will need to bring their own water for hydration as there will be no refreshments available. 
  • We will conduct the whole grading in full and give results to each group before we start the next grading group. 
  • Students will use separate entrance and exits points to The Dojo Norwich to minimise contact between people. 
  • We will maintain a 2 metre distance between all students during the grading. 
  • Warmups – no physical contact between students.  
  • All partner work (kumite where there is contact) will be done in a no contact format. 
  • Instructors not to make physical contact with any student and all instruction must be given verbally. 

To ensure the safety of our students and parents please do not attend the Black Belt Grading if you or anybody you are in contact with are showing or have symptoms relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Guidelines can be found HERE.