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Karate Benefits

Why Junior Karate?

Junior Karate is the ideal sport for children for building self-confidence, balance, co-ordination, discipline and courtesy, while learning basic self-defence skills.

ESKA classes provide a warm, friendly and encouraging atmosphere and all instructors are fully qualified and DBS checked.

Our goal is to help your child grow into a respectable and confident young individual.

We encourage all students to behave in a disciplined and respectful manner.

Our instructors regularly communicate with parents regarding their child’s progress to ensure each child reaches their full potential. While the predominant focus of Karate is to develop character, students also learn basic self-defence skills.

ESKA instructors regularly promote that children MUST NOT misuse their Karate under any circumstances.

Karate Benefits

How martial arts can benefit your child

Karate Routine

What to expect in class


Karate Origins

When Karate was first developed in Okinawa, its purpose was to teach children to become people of high character, with self-defence being a secondary focus. The character these children exhibited was so impressive, in 1902, Karate was formally introduced into the Okinawa Primary School system so all Okinawa children would benefit from its teachings. When Karate moved to Japan in the 1920’s, within a few short years the Japanese Government were so impressed with the values it promoted, it too introduced Karate into it’s education system. This still exists today where every school in Japan has Karate as a subject all students must study.
Karate Gradings


ESKA Karate offers a coloured belt system where all students start at White Belt and work up through different colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Brown, and finally Black Belt).

This serves not only to measure a student’s progress but also provides a journey to embark on. Students are encouraged to set goals for these belts, which teaches the life skills of setting a target and working towards achieving it.

Don’t Miss Out

Before joining we will provide a FREE introductory lesson to help you make the decision and answer any questions.

Upon joining the school all students currently receive:

  • A FREE trial lesson
  • Access to our Member Area & Class Bookings
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If you would like to discuss the classes please contact us, or to book a trial lesson then complete our member signup form.


From Our Parents

My son started karate with ESKA just over three yrs ago. He enjoys being a member of ESKA and has never regretted joining the club. There are lots of opportunities to take part in competitions and courses. The instructors always make the lessons not only interesting but fun. Since joining ESKA, my son has become very confident and is not far from his black belt. ESKA is a great club to join, whatever age you are.



At ESKA Karate we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment in all club related activities for our instructors and students. We believe that our students and instructors should be given equal opportunities, free from bullying, abuse, or any other form of unacceptable behaviour.

See more Safeguarding Information

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We work hard to ensure all students enjoy their experiences with ESKA, which is why we offer a Free First Lesson at all our venues. Just complete a sign up sheet and turn up for your free trial.

Grading Syllabus

Each grade has a different syllabus you are required to learn and complete in order to grade to the next belt.


Gradings are held every three months for all our students and give you the chance to progress to your next belt colour. Gradings are held at The Dojo Norwich; private gradings are also available.


The Dojo Norwich
3 Burton Road
Norwich, Norfolk

+44 (0)1603 418751

[email protected]

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A professional karate club based in East Anglia, headed by Chief Instructor Jason Hitchings, 6th Dan. We are dedicated to teaching traditional Shotokan Karate to the very highest standard.

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