(4-6 years)

Tiny Tigers Karate is a new and exciting motor skill development system for children that produces real results, improving emotional and physical intelligence.

Tiny Tigers Karate has one main aim; to produce young, healthy and confident individuals who have both physical intelligence and strong mental focus, which will provide them with a fantastic learning platform for all endeavours in life.

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Our Tiny Tiger instructors are professionals. They carry full insurance and have undergone a comprehensive training programme, which of course not only gives them the skills and knowledge to teach and educate, but also means they have Certification First Aid and enhanced DBS checks.

A fun exercise class for children with the basis and structure of karate. It incorporates karate techniques with games to promote physical and mental skills in a safe secure environment. Tiny Tigers teaches it’s students the central concept that karate should only be used in self-defence and the core aspects of Shotokan karate – control, respect and discipline – are paramount.

1. Physical benefits – improves flexibility, strength, agility, co-ordination and balance
2. Mental benefits – boosts confidence, discipline, control and respect
3. A great way to channel energy, have fun and meet new friends
4. Offers a structured assessment and awards programme – Tiny Tigers wear trousers and coloured t-shirt according to their level
5. A good, safe grounding for further tuition in Shotokan karate