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ESKA In-house Kumite Competition 21 – Results

October 19, 2021

ESKA was able to hold it’s first Kumite competition of 2021 on Sunday 17th October at The Dojo Norwich.

This competition was open to all members from Red Belt and above.

The competition gave the competitors the chance to show off their skills in both Team and Individual events.

A very well done to the 70+ competitors that took park. A very successful day.

The results are listed below:

Junior – Male – White to Purple & White Belt – Under 7 Yrs

Gold: Oliwer Wojcik
Silver: Daniel Kondrashev
Bronze: Kyle Carvalno & Eli Taylor-Windle

Junior – Male – Yellow to Purple & White Belt – 8 to 10Yrs

Gold: Nikodem Sweich
Silver: Edgar Skazinskij
Bronze: Michal Kawecki & Albert Kaczmarek

Junior – Male – White to Purple & White Belt – 10Yrs+

Gold: John Tkal
Silver: Nathan Balcerak
Bronze: Chanderjit Singh & Saimonas Stabaitis

Junior – Male – Brown Belt & Above – 10Yrs+

Gold: Ernest Skazinskij
Silver: Joshua Yeomans
Bronze: Joseph Pereira & Joshua Everett

Junior – Female – White to Purple & White Belt – Under 9Yrs

Gold: Olivia Borek
Silver: Milana Rubina
Bronze: Sabrina Sakutyte & Katrina Sakutyte

Junior – Female – Brown Belt & Above – 8 to 10Yrs

Gold: Lena Gryczaniuk
Silver: Lily Nudd
Bronze: Sidney Scott & Kaja Laskowska

Junior – Female – White to Purple & White Belt – 10Yrs+

Gold: Kristina Samsonova
Silver: Emilija Buivydaite
Bronze: Milana Rubina

Junior – Female – Brown Belt & Above – 11Yrs+

Gold: Alina Rubina
Silver: Jasmine Sargeant
Bronze: Amelia Winiarska & Martha Selby

Junior – Male – Team Kumite

Gold: N Balcerak / J Tkal / L Tkal
Silver: Singh / Skarzinskij / Stabaitis
Bronze: J Minis / L Scott / A Bunyi & T Paul / N Jarred

Junior – Female – Team Kumite

Gold: A Rubina / M Rubina / K Samsonova
Silver: M Selby / E Wright/ J Sargeant
Bronze: L Nudd / E Fuller / A Winiarska & K Laskowska / S Scott / L Gryczaniuk

Cadet – Male – Kyu Grades

Gold: David Swiech
Silver: Patryk Godzisz
Bronze: Timofej Kabak & Christos Rosis

Cadet – Male – Dan Grades

Gold: Josh Wright
Silver: Alfie Hannent
Bronze: Matthew Everett & Alex Rogerson

Cadet – Female – Dan Grades

Gold: Adriana Peiseneice
Silver: Marcelina Rozanska
Bronze: Gaia Dreisin-Moss

Cadet – Male – Team Kumite

Gold: J Wright / A Hannent / A Rogerson
Silver: T Kabak / D Swiech / P Godzisz

Adult – Male – White to Purple & White Belt

Gold: Mariusz Balcerak
Silver: Stephen Dye
Bronze: Maciej Bogacki

Adult – Male – Brown Belt & Above

Gold: Francis Karemo
Silver: Ben Jewiss
Bronze: Mark Jarred & Filip Dombowski

Keep an eye out for updates on the next competition, and remember you have to be ‘In It, to Win It!’


The Dojo Norwich
3 Burton Road
Norwich, Norfolk

+44 (0)1603 418751

[email protected]

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