Congratulations on passing your Brown & Double White Belt

Now that you have passed your grading, there are a number of new classes and options available to you

1st Kyu Only Class Rotation – We currently run a 3-week rotation training programme covering Kihon, Kata and Kumite to ensure each element is taught equally and allows members to attend more specific sessions. As the 1st Dan grading dates differ from the Kyu grading dates, the 1st Kyu Brown & Double White Belt only classes held at the Dojo Norwich follow their own rotation. This includes kata weeks specifically focused on each of the four Sentei Kata.  All other all-grade classes not held at the Dojo Norwich will continue to run in line with the Kyu grade rotation. For more information, click here.

TSKUK Courses & Competitions – The TSKUK (Traditional Shotokan Karate UK) to which all ESKA members are automatically affiliated, hold two free national karate courses, and two subsidised international karate courses and two national competitions every year.  For more information, click here.

Already looking ahead to your next grading?

Grading Requirements – To grade to Black Belt 1st Dan, you will need to complete a Minimum 10 months training period, 80 lessons & 10 TSKUK official stamps (Compulsory) 3 stamps to be obtained within the 10 month period leading up to the grading. Minimum age requirements: 9 years old. To view your next Grading Syllabus, click here.

Personal Tuition – One-to-one tuition is available with the senior ESKA instructors. A personal tuition session is an ideal opportunity to make up any shortfall of lessons as each session is worth three class stamps. For more information, click here.

Unlimited Training – If you are training once a week and would like to benefit from the extra training, you can upgrade your membership to unlimited, enabling you to train as many times as you would like. To upgrade, click here to email the ESKA Office.